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"The Rumahouse is a professional real estate team focused on secondary market in Kuala Lumpur & Klang Valley area.​"


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What sets us apart is our willingness to embrace new technologies and stay ahead of the curve.

We understand that the world of real estate is constantly evolving, and we are always looking for ways to innovate and improve.

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Corner Lot Elmina - Corner Lot Bangi - Corner Lot Kota Damansara - 4.5 Storey Taman Melawati - Suria Stonor KLCC - Bungalow Negeri Sembilan - Triple Storey Halamanda Gombak - Corner Lot Dsara Sentral Bangi

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Featured Listings.

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Ara Damansara


photo_2022-05-13 14.45.02.jpeg

SS7 Kelana Jaya


DSCF8419 copy.jpg

Country Heights Damansara


photo_2023-01-15 18.00.31.jpeg

D'Puncak Bukit Jelutong


photo_2023-01-09 22.38.19.jpeg

Seksyen 7 Shah Alam


photo_2023-01-09 22.32.58.jpeg

Embun Kemensah


photo_2023-01-09 22.39.25.jpeg

The Enclave Bukit Jelutong


photo_2023-01-15 18.07.41.jpeg

Laman Seri Shah Alam




Design & Build Concept at Mutiara Damansara.
Estimate price at RM8,900,000.

Custom design and build real estate is a concept that allows clients to have a new property built to their specific tastes and preferences while being located in a prime area of the city.

One of the main advantages of this concept is that clients can have a property that is tailored to their needs and desires. This means that they can choose the layout of the property, the materials used, the finishes, and any additional features that they want. By being able to customize the property to their liking, clients can have a home that truly reflects their personal style and meets their functional needs.

Another advantage of custom design and build real estate is the location of the property. When a property is located in a prime area of the city, it can be more desirable and valuable. Prime areas are often close to amenities such as shopping, dining, and entertainment, as well as schools, parks, and other attractions.

This can make the property more convenient for the owner to live in, as well as potentially increasing its value if the owner decides to sell it in the future.

Additionally, a builder with a lot of experience is likely to have a strong network of subcontractors and suppliers, which can help to ensure that the project is completed efficiently and on time.

These factors can combine to create a truly unique and desirable property that meets the needs and desires of the owner.

DSCF8274 copy.jpg

Residential Land at Hartamas Heights.
Listed at RM7,900,000

Real estate in a luxury address is always highly sought after, and a residential land located in such an area is no exception.

Nestled in a famous location together with Publika, this particular piece of land is surrounded by iconic buildings that stand as a testament to the prestige of the neighborhood.


The land itself is spacious and boasts stunning views of the surrounding cityscape. Especially the iconic Arte Mont Kiara as a background. 

It is the perfect setting for those looking to build their dream home, with plenty of room to accommodate all their desired amenities.


Whether you are an investor looking to build a lucrative rental property or a homeowner seeking the ultimate in luxury living, this residential land is an excellent opportunity. With its prime location and breathtaking views, it is an opportunity that should not be missed.

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