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The Rumahouse is founded by Muhammad Izaniey Aiful, a licensed real estate negotiator. 

In the early days when he first started in real estate, he realised that most of the real estate professionals do the business in a traditional way.

He started to use social media advertising for leverage in his business. That includes branding and other details like photography. And the result speaks for itself.

If you’re not taking advantage of social media, you’re missing out on a fast, inexpensive, and effective way to reach almost half the world’s population.

Izaniey Aiful

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Whether you’re looking to buy a home, or homes that are for sale,

The Rumahouse using the technology, and experience driven real estate agent that will get you started.


Buying a house or putting your property for sale starts with The Rumahouse.

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/Picture Perfect.

We take our presentation of property very seriously.


Especially in photography, we invest in one of the best camera in the market together with wide angle lens making sure your house looks perfect when its on sale.

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